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Webinar Conversation | Yōkai Past and Present with Michael Dylan Foster and Zack Davisson

This webinar will be a lively conversation between two experts in yōkai, Michael Dylan Foster (Professor of Japanese, folklore and literature, UC Davis) and Zack Davisson (yōkai expert, author, translator of Mizuki Shigeru manga). Foster will examine the evolving roles of yōkai in Japanese history, folklore, literature and theater, focusing on some of the most important and well known examples of these supernatural creatures. Davisson will explore the influence of yōkai on modern-day manga, anime, video games and other aspects of modern Japanese culture. The conversation will be moderated by Meher McArthur, JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles Art and Cultural Director and curator of the exhibition NATURE/SUPERNATURE. Read More

Reading Kimonos in Modern Japanese Literature: The Case of Kōda Aya

Join us for the third session titled “Reading Kimonos in Modern Japanese Literature: The Case of Kōda Aya” with JF Former Fellow Dr. Michiko Suzuki, who will explore depictions of kimonos in modern Japanese literature. Focusing on the writer Kōda Aya (1904-90), this talk covers the ways kimonos serve critical roles in literary interpretation, as a unique means of communication between author and reader. The discussion will be followed by a live Q&A moderated by Dr. Kimberly Kono. Read More