Each quarter tutoring starts on the second week of the quarter and ends on the last instruction day of the quarter. No tutoring on school holidays.

Chinese Tutoring

Fall 2021

Office: Online, Zoom

Schedule: To be arranged

Becoming a Chinese Tutor: 

If you'd like to be a Chinese tutor, please complete the UCD Chinese Language Tutor Application Form:

  • Deadline for application: 5:00 pm on Thursday, 9/23/2021


Chinese tutoring is a 1-unit course (Chn 197T). But if you want to volunteer in tutoring, please complete and submit a Volunteer Form (email to Jiao Li at with your Chinese Tutor Application Form application. 

Japanese Tutoring

Spring 2021: ONLINE

Becoming a Japanese Tutor:
Students who enroll in JPN 197T as a tutor earn one unit and devote 3 hours a week assisting instructors in foundation-level Japanese language courses in class with a possibility to work in the tutoring office.

Both native speakers and proficient non-native speakers of Japanese are eligible to apply. In the case of non-native speaker, only students who completed JPN 113 with grades A- or better or have equivalent proficiency are eligible to apply.

The decision on which level each tutor will be assigned is dependent upon the applicant’s language skills.

For tutoring 1st and 2nd level courses, an applicant needs to have the minimum of 4th year level language fluency verified by an applicant’s grade in JPN 113 (A- or better) or have equivalent proficiency and a recommendation from the applicant’s language instructor if available.

For tutoring 3rd and 4th year level, an applicant needs to have a native or near native level language fluency in the four skills of Japanese. English fluency is strongly recommended.

In addition to the language proficiency, we are looking for responsible and dependable students who can be positive influences in the classroom. Having a positive attitude and respect for students, instructors and fellow tutors is also expected of a tutor.

Applicants with basic knowledge in Japanese culture and society will also be preferred.




(1)UCDの学生の方で、単位(1単位)としてチューター応募を考えている方は、TUTOR APPLICATION FOR CREDIT の用紙に記入をし、日本語プログラムコーディネーターの小山信子(nkoyama@ucdavis)あてに電子メールで提出してください。

(2)学生以外の方で(学生の方で、単位取得を考えていない方も含む)チューター応募を考えている方は、TUTOR APPLICATION FOR VOLUNTEER の用紙に記入をし、(1)と同様に日本語プログラムコーディネーターの小山信子(nkoyama@ucdavis)あてに電子メールで提出してください。