Spring 2024 Japanese Courses

Spring Quarter 2024

Lower Division

JPN 003 Elementary Japanese, Sec. 1-2, 4-9

JPN 005 Intermediate Japanese, Sec. 1-4

Upper Division

JPN 103 Japanese Literature in Translation: The Modern Period
Michiko Suzuki

This lecture/discussion course examines a broad range of major narrative texts in Japanese literature from the 1890s to the present. The novels and short stories we will read focus on issues of self and national identity, sexuality, war, westernization and modernity—issues that have been central to the Japanese cultural imagination since Japan opened up to the West in the mid-19th century. In addition to learning about the authors and their works, we will also examine the historical, literary and cultural contexts of the so-called modern period. GE: AH, WC, WE Lectures, readings and discussions are in English. No previous knowledge of Japanese language or culture is required.

JPN 106 Japanese Culture & Film
David Gundry

JPN 109 Japanese Popular Culture
Michael Foster

JPN 113 Modern Japanese, Sec. 1-3
Yumi Takeuchi
Miyo Uchida

JPN 160 Japanese Food Culture
Michael Dylan Foster

JPN 164 Japanese Cinema
Michiko Suzuki

This class is an introduction to Japanese film from the early silent films to contemporary cinema. While exploring the history of Japanese film and its social and cultural contexts, we examine works by important directors (such as Kurosawa and Ozu), genres (such as avant-garde film and samurai film), themes and techniques. We will also read secondary critical materials on Japanese film and history. Particular areas of focus include gender, war, memory, censorship, visuality and narrative. Watching all films (through links on Canvas site) is mandatory. Lectures, readings and discussions will be in English. No previous knowledge of Japanese language or culture is required. GE: AH, WC, WE, VL

JPN 165 Sex & Love in Japanese Literature
David Gundry