Awards and Scholarships

The following are links to sites with information regarding fellowship and other scholarship opportunities related to China and Japan. (Please note, the EALC Department does not explicitly endorse any of these but we hope you find them useful for researching available options.)

External Chinese Scholarships

External Japanese Scholarships

Marian Ury Japan Travel Abroad Award

  • The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at UC Davis is fortunate to be able to award scholarships to students traveling to Japan for internship or study, thanks to the Marian Ury Japan Travel Award Fund. Marian Ury (1933-1995) was a native of Chicago and earned her Ph.D. at UC Berkeley prior to her long tenure as Professor of Comparative Literature at UC Davis. She specialized in medieval Japanese literature, and her translation Tales of Times Now Past (Konjaku monogatari) is still widely read today. The scholarship is funded by an in-memoriam endowment generously given to the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures by UC Davis Professor Emeritus Robert Borgen, and CSU East Bay Professor Emerita Sophia Lee.

UC Davis Prestigious Scholarships