Chinese Clubs

To get more involved with Chinese clubs and campus activities, please contact the following:

  • UC Davis Chinese Program
  • This Facebook group is a fun place for Chinese alumni, majors, and minors to get together and discuss the Chinese language and culture!
  • Chinese Drama Club
  • The UC Davis Chinese Drama Club is an official campus club that performs modern Chinese theater in both English and Mandarin. We also organize small gatherings throughout the school year so that students could have more opportunities to learn, act, and have fun together. The club welcomes all kinds of participation from performing onstage to designing websites, filming and photography, making costumes and sets, or helping with translation; no previous experience with the Chinese language or culture is necessary to join us for rehearsals. Our goal is to promote Chinese literature and art on campus while also providing opportunities for student leadership and creativity. Please contact us if you have any questions or your are interested in getting involved.

    UC Davis Chinese Drama Club 2018 Production:
  • Aggie Mahjong Club
  • Aggie Mahjong Club is a student organization that provides a friendly environment for students to learn and play a popular Asian tabletop game: Mahjong. In this club, students can relax with friends and improve their Mahjong skills. We feature Chinese/Taiwanese style Mahjong, and also encourage students who play other styles to join in and share their experiences with us. Aggie Mahjong Club welcomes students of all levels; we teach beginners basic Mahjong rules, and provide a platform for friendly competition between skilled players.

    Visit their Facebook page: or email us:
  • Chinese Student Association (CSA)
  • The Chinese Student Association (CSA) is a registered student organization with emphasis on promoting Chinese culture here at UC Davis. Our goal is to also help students enjoy life in between their busy student lifestyle and at the same time give them an opportunity to learn more about Chinese culture. Through our many events, members are able to take a break from their busy student life and build bonding relationships among members. In addition, we have partnered with businesses throughout the Northern California region so that our members can receive many benefits that meet their lifestyle. CSA is a place where you can meet new friends, hang out, and have fun. No matter what language you speak and where you are from, we encourage you to join our family
  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association at UC Davis (CSSA at UCD)
  • CSSA is the largest Chinese association in Davis, California. It is a non-political, non-profit organization. The objectives of this organization are to promote cultural, academic, as well as science and technology exchanges between China and the United States. It provides social activities, sports and services for the Chinese students, scholars, and their families.

    Visit their Facebook page:
  • Chinese Calligraphy at UC Davis
  • Chinese calligraphy is one of the most important elements of Chinese culture and Chinese arts. It has five-thousand-year history since Chinese civilization created its own characters. So, the Chinese calligraphy is also one of the oldest art forms that is still remained today. This club works with UC Davis department of East Asian Languages and Cultures. We teach traditional Chinese calligraphy with Chinese brushes and ink. Our goal is to promote Chinese culture, especially a form of Chinese art on UCD campus. Additionally, our club is open for the entire campus, and we provide all the tools that are necessarily used during the teaching process.

    Contact Yanan Hu at for more information
  • Taiwanese American Organization (TAO)
  • The Taiwanese American Organization (TAO) at University of California, Davis is an organization that provides community to Taiwanese-Americans, and those with Taiwanese cultural interests. Through social activities, TAO will educate members about Taiwanese culture and history along with Taiwan's current events. TAO will also work as a bridge for its members to connect with other Taiwanese affiliated organizations to build greater community among Taiwanese-Americans through community service and activities.

  • Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)
  • We, the members of the Taiwanese Student Association (TSA) at UC Davis, gather together for our common interests in Taiwanese culture. TSA provides various social and cultural opportunities throughout the year for not only Taiwanese, but also students from all around the world to come and learn about and be able to enjoy Taiwanese culture. Do not hesitate to ask us any questions. We are willing to answer any questions you may have for us about college or anything in general!

    Email for more information, or find us on Facebook!
  • Chinese Gaming Social Platform
  • We are a Board Game group within the UC Davis Chinese Community. By hosting weekly board game nights, we are aiming to get people to know each other, to learn leadership and teamwork, and mostly importantly to have a healthy and fun weekend night. Our games are mostly Chinese Designer Games like Legend of the Three Kingdom(三国杀), the Message(风声), the Room(密室惊魂). These games all have very strong emphasis on the Chinese culture and history, and by playing them, our members are able to learn many aspects of China.

    Email for more information.
  • Davis Chinese Dance
  • Description: Davis Chinese Dance club is a traditional and modern Chinese dance club for UC Davis students of all backgrounds interested in learning about Chinese culture through the art of Chinese Dance.

    Website: davischinesedance
  • Chinese Union at Davis (CU UCD)
  • Chinese Union(中国同学联合会)is one of the biggest Chinese Student Organizations in the world.  We are a 501 (c) - 3 Non-profit Organization founded in San Diego in 2005.  The Davis chapter was founded and registered in 2018.  Most of our members are current UC Davis Students, and with a passion for volunteer careers, we have helped thousands of Chinese students and international students.  We host freshmen group chats and seminars every spring and summer.  In addition, airport transportation services are also provided to freshmen in the fall.  We also host events of different scales throughout the quarter.  In addition to these events, we also provide law assistance, psychological support, and Student Information Security Management System(安心计划.) If you are interested in joining us or participating in our events, you are welcome to follow us on social media!

    Chinese Union Social Media:

Japanese Clubs

To get more involved with Japanese clubs and campus activities, please contact the following:

  • UC Davis Japanese Program
  • This Facebook group is a fun place for Japanese alumni, majors, and minors to get together and discuss the Japanese language and culture!
  • Japanese Language & Culture Connection (JLCC)
  • Japanese Language and Culture Connection’s aim is to foster and promote interest in the Japanese language and culture, as well as to build a strong professional network among the student members and alumni. A fun environment will be provided in which students can strengthen their language skills and cultural knowledge through movie nights, cultural workshops, and networking events with Japanese exchange students and guest speakers. Japanese Language and Culture Connection will also constitute a committee to organize the annual Student Day event in collaboration with the UC Davis Japanese Program.
  • Japanese American Student Society (JASS)
  • Japanese American Student Society (JASS) is a social and service oriented club unique to the UC Davis campus. We welcome anyone, especially those interested in the Japanese and Japanese American culture and community. Students interact and have fun at various activities and events throughout the year. We also raise awareness through volunteering events with other groups, the Davis community, and particularly the Sacramento Japanese American Citizens League (JACL). JASS was established in 1982.

  • Kaiwa Hour
  • For those of you who are new, Kaiwa Hour is a weekly event where Japanese speaking students and Japanese exchange students get together to have a chat. Come stop by and meet other members of the UC Davis community who speak or study Japanese!

    Kaiwa Hour is held every Tuesday in Olson 53A from 5-7pm. Please stop by!

    Facebook Page:
  • Davis Anime Club
  • Davis Anime Club (also known as DAC) is a social club at UC Davis for UC Davis students focused on creating a strong community among people who enjoy anime and other elements of Japanese culture. DAC has meetings twice a week, where the club watches new anime as they are airing overseas as well as recent favorites. Outside of regular meetings, Davis Anime Club hosts a great deal of social events, from karaoke to its own convention, DAiCon.

    Davis Anime Club meets every Wednesday and Thursday during the school year from 8:00 - 10:00pm.
  • JCA Page One (Japanese Career Association Page One)
  • This organization enlightens students who are trying to get information about seeking job, but those people who don’t know what to do about it. We are especially targeting at Japanese company either in Japan or in the United States. We basically try to understand any subject relating to Job hunting including Entree Sheet, Interview, and so on. We will have some instructors and carry on some events to get better understanding about this subject

    Facebook Page for more information!

Do you know of a club or campus group we should add?  Please contact Anna Pendleton.