Japanese Placement Exam

Students who have not previously taken Japanese at UCD but have prior experience or study of Japanese elsewhere are strongly recommended to take the Japanese Placement Test before enrollment in the appropriate course will be approved.  If students have no experience with Japanese or previous coursework, no placement test is necessary - just enroll in Japanese 1.

Scheduled testing is offered year around. Check with the UC Davis Language Center for details. (Follow the link to Placement Exams under the STUDENTS drop-down box and scroll down to Japanese.)

IF YOU PLAN TO TAKE A JAPANESE LANGUAGE CLASS:  You are urged to take the test at the earliest possible date to increase the likelihood you will be able to enroll in the appropriate course. Keep in mind that foundation-level Japanese language courses (JPN 1 through JPN 113) are offered only once each year - see chart below.  If the class you are placed into is not offered the quarter you want to take it, register or go onto the wait-list for a class that is close to your placement level.  **You must meet with the Japanese Language Program Coordinator Professor Nobuko Koyama after taking the computer placement exam for the oral proficiency assessment.  As stated in the current GENERAL CATALOG, "The Foreign Language Placement Test determines ... at which point in the language sequence you should enroll." The program coordinator and course instructors have the final say in evaluating placement test results and determining appropriate placement. Students are advised to drop as soon as possible any course they are enrolled in that is determined not to be at the appropriate level.

Offered in Fall Quarter Offered in Winter Quarter Offered in Spring Quarter
JPN 001, 004, 111 JPN 002, 005, 112 JPN 003, 006, 113

Students are responsible to know the material covered in courses prior in the sequence to the one they enroll in. Check the course descriptions on the Course Overview page for details. The textbooks and workbooks for each course are available in Shields Library Reserves; material related to kanji covered in each course is available on the Kanji List page.