Japanese Minor

Minor Overview

A minor in Japanese provides a significant complement to any declared major in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, or the arts.  The Japanese minor is comprised of a balance of literature and culture courses taught in English or Japanese, and a minimum of beginning third-year language proficiency.  Whatever path one follows upon graduation, fulfilling the Japanese minor prepares the student for the increasingly global contexts of the modern world.

Minor Requirements

For a Japanese minor, you need 5 upper-division courses for a total of 20 credits.  One course can be a lower-division literature class, such as JPN 10, 25 or 50.  One of the courses can be an approved outside elective.

All upper division courses, including both language course and literature in translation courses, may be used to meet this requirement.

Proficiency through completion of Japanese 6 is required. Only four units from 192, 197T, 198 and 199 may be applied toward the minor.

Submitting your minor petition:  Minor petitions must be submitted the quarter before you plan to graduate. Go to OASIS.  Under Forms and Petitions, submit new form and select Minor Petition.  Once you have entered in all courses you have taken or plan to take to complete the minor, submit petition.  If you have not completed the courses necessary for the Japanese minor but plan to do so during your last quarter, submit the course(s) you plan to take on your minor petition.