Japanese Courses Winter 2023

Winter 2023 Japanese Courses

Lower Division

JPN 002 Elementary Japanese, Sec. 1-15

JPN 005 Intermediate Japanese, Sec. 1-4

JPN 031 Basic Kanji
C. Miki Wheeler

In this class, students will learn to read and write all the kanji taught in JPN1, JPN2, and JPN3. It is specifically designed for students in JPN2 who entered into the Japanese language program with no previous knowledge of, or exposure to, Chinese characters. The pace of Japanese language classes here is fast, and our focus is largely on the mastery of vocabulary and grammar. Because of this, it can be difficult for students to learn all the assigned kanji, especially if they have little to no experience writing them before.

The materials for this kanji class follow the curriculum used in the Elementary Japanese language series here at UC Davis, so students taking it concurrently with JPN2 will feel supported as they study in both classes. In this class, students will gain a foundational knowledge for how kanji work in the Japanese language, and by the end of the quarter, students will have confidence about their reading and writing skills going into JPN3.   

Upper Division

JPN 102 Japanese Literature in Translation: The Middle Period
Joseph Sorenson

JPN 105 Modern Japanese Literature: Hero/Anti-Hero
Katherine Mezur

JPN 112 Modern Japanese: Reading & Discussion
Section 001 & 002 - Kazuhide Takeuchi
Section 003 - Moeko Watanabe

JPN 122 Advanced Japanese II
Nobuko Koyama

JPN 151 Japanese Linguistics
Nobuko Koyama

JPN 154 Tourism and Heritage in Japan
Katherine Mezur

JPN 156 Japanese Literature on Film
Joseph Sorenson