Japanese Courses Winter 2021

Japanese Expanded Course Descriptions

Winter 2021 - Remote Instruction

All Winter 2021 courses in Japanese will be held REMOTELY (online).

JPN 002 Section 1 - 13 Elementary Japanese (5)

Continuation of training in basic Japanese spoken and written skills. 

Lecture/Discussion—5 hour(s)

Prerequisite(s): JPN 001 C- or better; Or the equivalent language proficiency. 

GE credit: AH, OL, WC.

JPN 005 Section 1 - 5 Intermediate Japanese (5)

Intermediate-level training in spoken and written Japanese in cultural context, based on language skills developed in course 4. 

Lecture/Discussion—5 hour(s)

Prerequisite(s): JPN 004 C- or better; Or the equivalent language proficiency. 

GE credit: AH, OL, WC. 

JPN 102—Japanese Literature in Translation: The Middle Period (4)

Study of the major literary genres from the twelfth century to the second half of the nineteenth century including poetry, linked-verse, military chronicles, no drama, Buddhist literature, haiku, haibun, kabuki, bunraku, plays and Edo prose narratives. 

Lecture—3 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s)

GE credit: AH, WC, WE.

JPN 109—Japanese Popular Culture (4)

Japanese popular culture, from its medieval/early modern precedents to contemporary incarnations. Emphasis on major forms of popular culture that emerged in the 20th century, including comics, animation, science fiction, and fantasy. 

Film Viewing—3 hour(s); Lecture/Discussion—3 hour(s)

GE credit: AH, VL, WC.

JPN 112 Section 1 - 3 Modern Japanese: Reading and Discussion (4)

Continuation of course 111. 

Lecture—3 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s)

Prerequisite(s): JPN 111 C- or better; Or the equivalent language proficiency. 

GE credit: AH, OL, WC. 

JPN 122—Advanced Japanese II (4)

Second of three courses in a series of fourth-year Advanced Japanese which focuses on the levels of formality or politeness in conversation as well as socio-cultural aspects and topics in the Japanese society. 

Lecture—3 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s)

Prerequisite(s): JPN 121 C- or better; or Consent of Instructor. 

GE credit: AH, OL, WC, WE.

JPN 151—Japanese Linguistics (4)

Introduction to Japanese linguistics, featuring key aspects of the Japanese language. Analysis of Japanese from the perspectives of phonology, syntax, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. 

Lecture—3 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s)

Prerequisite(s): JPN 003; Or equivalent language proficiency. 

GE credit: AH, WC, WE. Effective: 2017 Winter Quarter.

JPN 155—Introduction to Japanese Folklore (4)

Focus on narrative genres of myth, legend, and folktale, with additional attention paid to festivals, folk art, belief systems, and the development of folklore studies (minzokugaku) as an academic discipline. Examination the relationship of folklore to ethnic and national identity. 

Lecture—3 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s)

GE credit: AH, WC.