Chinese Winter 2020 Courses

Lower Division

CHN 001 Elementary Chinese, Sec. 1-3
CHN 002 Elementary Chinese, Sec. 1-4
CHN 003 Elementary Chinese
CHN 004 Intermediate Chinese
CHN 005 Intermediate Chinese, Sec. 1-2

Upper Division

CHN 101 Chinese Film
Ling-Yu Lu

CHN 109I Topics in Chinese Literature: Scholar & The Courtesan (in English)
Mark Halperin

CHN 112 Modern Chinese: Reading & Discussion
I-Chia Lee

CHN 115 Introduction to Classical Chinese II
Mark Halperin

CHN 120 Advance Chinese
Yutian Tan

CHN 150 Fifth-year Chinese
Yuming He

CHN 160 Chinese Language
Yutian Tan