Chinese Courses Spring 2020

Chinese Course Descriptions Spring 2020

Lower Division

CHN 001 Elementary Chinese, Sec. 1-3
CHN 002 Elementary Chinese, Sec. 1-2
CHN 003 Elementary Chines, Sec. 1-3
CHN 003BL Accelerated Written Chinese III
CHN 006 Intermediate Chinese, Sec. 1-2


Upper Division

CHN 010 Modern Chinese Literature
Xiaomei Chen

CHN 103 Modern Chinese Drama
Xiaomei Chne

CHN 106 Chinese Poetry (in English)
Michelle Yeh

CHN 110 Great Writers of China
Xiaolong Hou

CHN 113 Modern Chinese: Reading & Discussion
Binbin Yang

CHN 114 Introduction to Classical Chinese
Mark Halperin

CHN 120 Advanced Chinese
Yutian Tan