Chinese Courses Fall 2020

All Chinese courses will be remote during fall 2020.

Lower Division

CHN 001 Elementary Chinese, Sec. 1-5
CHN 001BL Accelerated Written Chinese I
CHN 002 Elementary Chinese
CHN 003 Elementary Chinese
CHN 004 Intermediate Chinese, Sec. 1-2

Upper Division

CHN 010 Modern Chinese Literature (In English)
Tianyun Hua

CHN 104 Modern Chinese Fiction (In English)
Xiaomei Chen

CHN 107 Traditional Chinese Fiction (In English)
Mark Halperin

CHN 111 Modern Chinese: Reading & Discussion, Sec. 1-2
I-Chia Lee

CHN 114 Introduction to Classical Chinese
Mark Halperin

CHN 120 Advanced Chinese, Sec. 1-3
Yutian Tan

CHN 150 Fifth-year Chinese
Chengzhi Chu