Yuma Sakakura

Sophomore 2014 - Majoring in Sociology - Organizational Studies & Chinese

I've been learning Chinese for a really long time and had a wonderful privilege to do so while living in Taipei, Taiwan for 17, 18 years. But after getting into college I decided to put off learning Chinese for a while. When I went back home (Taiwan) over the summer and had to speak Chinese, I stumbled on my words and felt really embarrassed. However, I made the best decision of taking a Chinese class my sophomore year. I don’t particularly like speaking up in class but when you’re in room full of only 10, 15 other students the chances are the teacher will call on you. But that’s the great thing about taking language courses at UC Davis – the class size is always small that it forced me to speak up and in turn it helped me improve my speaking skills. I’ve only taken two Chinese language courses so far but I love both of my classes and the teachers that taught those classes. The teachers are always very enthusiastic and encouraging, and the classes are challenging and relatively fast-paced but are also fun and sometimes laidback. Also, the other students taking Chinese are super friendly and are willing to help each other out. I am excited and looking forward to taking more Chinese classes next quarter!