Yachna Chumber

Class of 2014 - Double Major in Chinese & International Relations

My decision to learn Chinese arose during my sophomore year at college, as a means of fulfilling the 2 years of a foreign language required for the International Relations major. My decision to learn Chinese, specifically, was dependent on my desire to challenge myself, due to the fact that I had no prior knowledge of the language whatsoever. Learning Chinese quickly became an integral part of my college life, which eventually led to my decision to choose to double major in Chinese. I completely attribute my decision to double major in Chinese to the exceptional professors that I have had the fortune of learning from. The amount of dedication, care, and encouragement that the Chinese professors showcase to their individual students is insurmountable. Furthermore, the small class sizes facilitate interaction amongst the students, which has availed me with the opportunity to make lasting friends. Although it is understandable that studying Chinese may appear to be a daunting task for non-heritage learners, myself and many other students who started off with zero knowledge of the Chinese language are evidence, that with the assistance of exceptional professors, dedication, and the incentive of meeting amazing individuals, learning Chinese is indeed a tangible goal, regardless of an individual’s background.