Stephanie Landes

Sopohomore 2014 - Majoring in Managerial Economics & Minoring Chinese

Taking Chinese at UC Davis has been an amazing experience. I took four years of Chinese in high school and never felt like I had a grasp on the language or a real interest in Chinese Culture. When I took Chinese my freshman year I was shocked by how many words we were expected to learn in a week. At first I was bitter about it, but now when I speak to Chinese people they are always impressed about how big my vocabulary is. Furthermore, the teachers in the Chinese department are amazing. They are so dedicated to improving their students language skills, and they make class fun and interactive. I am so happy I had the option to take smaller classes in a large university because I am able to speak a lot during class and make friends. I also really appreciate the free tutoring service because I am able to practice my Chinese outside of the class with native speakers from China. Overall I believe Davis has one of the best Chinese programs in America and I love being a Chinese major because I take classes that challenge and excite me every day. 

-Stephanie Landes (兰芬妮)