Richard Julian

The Chinese department at UC Davis is a force to be reckoned with! It has really been the most challenging and rewarding thing in college to make it through the intensive language courses. While all of the coursework is the same, each professor puts their own individual spin on how the language is taught. In addition, the atmosphere in the classes is one that you will not get anywhere else in your college experience, as the professors and students are constantly interacting and learning about each other. Chinese literature and culture classes are also excellently delivered, though in a completely different way. All of the literature and culture professors seem to be experts in their field and if one was to do research about a particular topic, it is VERY common to find a UCD professor listed as a source. In addition, lectures are very insightful and exist to paint the whole picture of Chinese culture and literature. As a non-heritage speaker with little exposure to Chinese culture and language previous to attending college, I can honestly say that taking Chinese courses has definitely broadened my views about China and also allowed me a look into a world I had no clue existed.