Julian Enis

Senior 2014 - Major in Mechanical Engineering

Taking Chinese at UC Davis has been a wonderful opportunity to learn not only about the Chinese language in both formal and informal contexts, but also about the interesting mix of ancient culture, modernism, and globalization that describes China today. The wonderful teachers of the Chinese department have been instrumental in helping me to understand this complex interplay between cultural values and modern society as well as both the Chinese language and the associated history and cultural significance that it entails. Because of China's rising significance and stature in science and world politics, I feel it is important to keep an eye open to the wonderfully diverse and historically rich culture that forms the foundations of modern Chinese society. In this way, mutual cultural understanding can be promoted which will allow for easier future dialogue between our two very different societies. The Chinese education I have received here has significance far beyond the classroom, and I hope that in my future professional pursuits that I can fully do it justice.