Joey Gribble

Sophomore 2014 - Majoring in Computer Science, Minoring in Chinese

I started learning Chinese in 2010 when my family moved to Shanghai, China. When coming to UC Davis, I felt that I adapted quite nicely to the Chinese program in my pursuit to continue learning Chinese. I started with the BL series, which was quite the challenge for me not being a Chinese heritage student. Due to the intensity of the program, I was able to dramatically increase my knowledge in reading, writing, and speaking of Chinese. The style the classes are taught in promotes interaction with other students to improve speaking skills, as well as written and reading assignments. Thanks to the Chinese department, there are free walk-in tutors who were able to help me with grammar, stroke order, and idioms when I needed help. When learning a language, constant practice is essential. This is an area I believe the Chinese department at UC Davis excels at, offering the classes every school day. This truly inspires me to minor in Chinese due to the strength of the program. I plan to use the knowledge that I have attained here at UC Davis in my future to not only travel to China, but hopefully get a job relating to my interest in the Chinese language.