Arisa Hiroi

My experience as a Japanese major at UC Davis was extremely fulfilling, as it was both an academic and personal learning experience. Courses in the Japanese department have a very welcoming academic environment, encouraging discussions in the literature courses and frequent interactions in the language courses. Although I am a heritage learner of Japanese, my participation as a student and language tutor always gave me new information and insight into the language and culture. In addition, there are great advantages to being part of a smaller department at a university as large as UC Davis. Teacher and professors in the Japanese Program will get a chance to know you personally, and are extremely supportive because of it. It was the kind advice and endless support from numerous Japanese department faculty which allowed me to get a Summer internship in Japan, become Cherry Blossom Queen, graduate with honors, get various teaching and translating positions, and be accepted to San Francisco State University’s Japanese Graduate Program. My experience in the Japanese program has played a huge role in making me who I am today, and I am very grateful for it.

Japanese (Teaching Emphasis) Graduate Student at SFSU
Bilingual Teaching Assistant at ABC Preschool.