Allyson Camino

Allyson Camino

Class of 2017 - Double Major in Chinese & Political Science

Never did I imagine how much of an impact my Chinese courses and the EALC department would have on my college experience, let alone how much it would change my future goals and life! In fact, when I first started my Mandarin study during my sophomore year (with absolutely NO background), I planned to take only one year of the language classes in order to fulfill the requirements for my Bachelor’s Degree. However, one year quickly became two years, and I fell in love with the culture and everything I was learning. It only made sense to finish off the major!

The small class sizes nurtured a close-knit community environment that encouraged fascinating in-depth discussions and learning from faculty and from each other. I looked forward to every class excited to learn about the many aspects of Chinese history, literature, and culture that was missing in my previous education.

Through my classes, I found that not only were the instructors and professors highly recognized within their respective fields, but they were all the most friendly and down-to-earth people I met in Davis who always encouraged questions and new perspectives. The language instructors challenged me every single day, but they were so encouraging every step of the way and genuinely cared for my ability to do my best. Thanks to them, what began as a rough college start became the most fulfilling journey and eye-opening learning experience. Thanks to my Chinese education, I was even inspired to learn more about how to embrace my Asian-American identity. Having the opportunity to serve as the Academic Peer Advisor for the Chinese Department this past year was a huge honor, and it allowed me to share my brimming love for the culture and this department with the student community.

Over the course of this journey with the EALC Department, I did not just learn Mandarin and develop a strong appreciation for Chinese culture, but I also gained great friends, mentors, and teachers that became my family and my home away from home. Becoming a Chinese major and joining this department was the best decision I made in Davis, and I hope I can pay it forward by utilizing the language as a means to contribute back to the community. To all students, especially those of non-heritage background, I highly encourage you to see what the EALC department has to offer! 加油!